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Considering the emergence of a  vast amount of new major political, social, and cultural subjects related to journalism and communication, Communication Studies Journal, indexed to SCOPUS, based since 2007 at Labcom, a research unit in Communication Sciences created in 2002 at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of UBI (University of Beira Interior), Portugal, .its reopening the call for papers for its next three issues (December 2020, May, and December 2021)..

To the December 2020 Issue, the editors will accept the submission of articles focused on COVID 19, considering the publishing of a thematic dossier on the matter.   Articles may address the impact of disinformation processes on COVID 19 news coverage. Articles on the impact of the pandemic in the November presidential elections in the USA and on the political and economic consequences in general from the point of view of the media and their frameworks ( for instance to the USA, Brazil, European Union, and China) may also be accepted. 

These subjects may be approached theoretically or empirically from the following perspectives:  Studies in Journalism, Strategic Communication, Political Communication, Media Economy, Theory of Communication, Sociology of Communication, Cultural Studies, Technology, and Society, among others. The articles addressed to this edition will follow the current guidelines and should be sent until September 30 in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, or Spanish.

To the May and December 2021 issue, Communication Studies Jurnal  is from now on  accepting submission proposals  in Portuguese,  English, Spanish, and French with  particular focus on: 

-   The American Presidential Elections on November (News Coverage and Disinformation, analysis of the candidate's communicative  strategy )

- The political and economic consequences of COVID  in the Media Perspective.  

- Local, hyperlocal and regional Media, considering business models, social innovation and new ways of connecting the public  
- Journalism, Political Participation, and Social Movements.
-Gender Studies and journalism studies: searching for new theoretical bridges.
- Is there racism in your countries newsroom? How does the media reshape the "race" issue.

These subjects may also be approached theoretically or empirically from the following perspectives: Studies in Journalism, Strategic Communication, Political

 Communication, Media Economy Theory of Communication, Sociology of Communication, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Technology, and Society, among others. The referred topics do not prevent the presentation of texts on other topics, as long as they are relevant to Communication Sciences

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