International Conference “Public and Private in Mobile Communication”

The International Conference “Public and Private in Mobile Communication” will be held on March 19 and 20, under the European project FEDER – MAIS CENTRO, at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Beira Interior.

Scott Campbell (University of Michigan) is the guest speaker for the opening session, where he will present the theme “Mobile Communication and Network Privatism. Reaching in at the expense of reaching out?”.

On the same day (19), the following communications will be presented in the panel “Mobile media and public communication”: ‘Mass and Multitudes: “Old” and “New” Ways of Being in Public’, by João Carlos Correia (University of Beira Interior), “Mobile communications, digital media, politics and democracy”, by José Jorge Barreiros (ISCTE, Technical University of Lisbon), and “Participative journalism and the public/ private dichotomy”, by Koldo Meso (University of the Basque Country).

The morning of the day 20 will be dedicated to the theme “Images in mobile media”. Amparo Lasen (Complutense University of Madrid) will present the paper “Digital self-portraits, exposure and the modulations of intimacy”, Gaby David (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales – School of High Studies in Social Sciences – Paris) will speak about “All what we send is selfie. Images in the age of private, immediate reproduction”, and Samita Nandy (Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies) will present the theme ‘Selfies’ in Celebrity Activism: Persona in Celebrity Photography and Social Justice’.

The last session of this conference will be dedicated to the theme “Transformations of privacy”, and the following papers will be presented: “Orwell’s police and Kafka’s trial: two phantoms of privacy”, by António Bento (UBI), “Social networks and privacy: when the private becomes public” by Gil Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra), “Privatism against privacy? Technology and culture of mobile communications”, by José Ricardo Carvalheiro (UBI), and “Liquid Spheres or Constellations? Reflections Towards Mobile Devices”, by Ana Serrano Tellería (LabCom/ UBI).

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