StoryBits Conference / Submissions

Digital media have fostered the emergence of multiple narrative formats and modes of representation, that mirror the new processes of mediation and remediation. The StoryBits conference, with a focus on this reality, is a natural continuum to former events, dedicated to the area of digital and interactive expressions of documentary, organized by the University of Beira Interior between 2016 and 2018, but broadens this thematic focus to include other genres, formats and narrative models.
StoryBits thus arises from the need to create a scientific event that promotes discussion around digital media and the diversity of creation and production of narratives that emerge from this context. It aims to promote theoretical and scientific knowledge about these new narratological expressions, including in this reflection the need for project-based research practices, and the sharing of experiences between researchers and professionals in the field. Thus, it intends to be an event exclusively dedicated to digital narratives, crossing from fiction to nonfiction formats, of an interactive or performative nature.

Submission dates:

Communication for paper
March 07, 2021

Project, Thematic Table and Workshop
March 21, 2021

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