Local Media Spring School postponed

Re/media.Lab - Laboratory and Incubator of Local Media announces that decided to postpone the Local Media Spring School (15-17 April) – also the III International Days “Pathologies and Dysfunctions of Democracy in the Media Context” (7-8 May), which was in preparation.

This option is a preventive measure resulting from the existence of the COVID-19 infection and is in accordance with the advice that has been issued by the Directorate General of Health for mass events, potentially disseminating the coronavirus.

Despite the nature of the measure being preventive and able (so we wish) to prove to be, eventually excessive, the environment generated around the pandemic affects travel decisions, particularly on the part of some more distant destinations, causing a significant drop in expected and usual participants. As these events work with a call for papers, registrations, and transfers of funds, it is feared that the correct perception of the greater or lesser impact of the epidemy can only be fully understood on a date that affects the travel decisions of many potential participants.

We will remain in alert to the evolution of the situation and as soon as it stabilizes, we will reschedule the events.


Re/media.Lab’s Head Research and host of both events,

João Carlos Correia

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