Presentation of doctoral projects

On the 17thJune the following Communication Sciences PhD projects were presented and discussed in the Council Room, at the Faculty of Arts and Letters:

  • "News Architectures in mobile devices: analysis of Brazilian and Portuguese journalistic applications for smartphones", by Alexandra Fante Nishiyama;
  • "Narrating with emotion, holding people’s attention on news about crimes" by Ana Paula de Sousa Martins Torres de Carvalho;
  • "The (re) construction of memories of April 25th, 1974 in science fiction movies – From the making to the reception" by Ana Rita Batista Garcia;
  • “#FeministNetativismInOnlineSocialNetworks: a discursive approach to frameworks of gender violence in the campaigns #MeuPrimeiroAssédio, #MiPrimeroAcoso, #FirstHarassment e #FirstTimeIWasCatCalled”, by Nísia Alejandra Rizzo de Azevedo;
  • "For the construction of a typology of news framing in the Portuguese press: The arrival of refugees in Europe", by Rafael Alexandre Ferreira Mangana Mathai;
  • "Existences in Palmas, Tocantins, in the cinema" by Sérgio Ricardo Soares Farias Silva;
  • "Music and identities: construction and setting of the Palmas music scene" by Suzi Américo Nogueira da Silva;
  • “Ethics and Organizational Communication: a critical analysis on the ethical perspectives in the building of internal relationships in Embrapa/Brazil and Iniav/ Portugal companies” "by Victor Silva Theodoro;
  • "A combination of Vernacular Photography and Oral History for the (re) construction of Crixás-Goiás social memory in a period of recent changes" by Vladimir Alencastro Feitosa.

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