Workshop Korsakow with Florian Thalhofer

Most contemporary interactive artworks manifest an essential feature: the recording of reality. But the creative work on these records demands mastering tools in order to express a poetic in which reality is not only shown but challenged, commented and/or recreated and where the concepts of interface, immersion and interactivity take effect. The workshop aims to combine the Web possibilities with its required design of the interactive experience and the tradition of documentary cinema. This workshop is an opportunity to learn how Korsakow works; a software especially devoted to create webdocumentaries where the poetics of reality can effectively be manifested.

The workshop will be taught by Florian Thalhofer, webdocumentary director and the creator of Korsakow.


06.05.2016 - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm

(Room 2.12 / Universidade da Beira Interior)


  • Explaining Korsakow – showing examples and explaining how and why Korsakow developed.
  • Why we tell stories. A short history of how film influenced our way of thinking and arguing.
  • Case study Planet Galata - linear vs nonlinear filmmaking.

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