Journalism and Fiction - The Reporter: narrator and narrated

September 22, 2016

The reporter may be looked at as an outstanding modern creation – one of the most important events in American civilization, said Robert Park – or may be considered just as one facet of the journalists’ routine skills, but the fact is that some kind of reports have acquired a quite salient and noble status within journalism and society.

In particular, some feature or investigative stories, dealing with information about real characters and events, have embodied narrative techniques which, from the beginning, have been akin to literature, or have developed visual counterparts to cinema documentary and more recently incorporated innovative ways of multimedia narration.

But the reporter itself has also long since been a character in literary and cinematic fiction, thus no longer being just a narrator, but also becoming narrated, being an object of cultural representations of various sorts and with various meanings.

In the conference Journalism and Fiction, LabCom.IFP invites a set of Portuguese reporters, former reporters and journalism scholars to gather and discuss this double-sided existence of the journalist reporter, the one that produces stories about the world, and the stories that tell the world about him, the reporter as narrator and as narrated.

Programme [PDF]

Book of Abstracts [PDF]

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