Professor Wilson Gomes

(Federal University of Bahia)

11th March 2016

Auditorium of the Library

Professor Wilson Gomes from the Federal University of Bahia, one of the most reputable experts today in Political Communication in the Digital Era will lecture an open class on the 11th arch 2016 at the University of Beira Interior, in the Auditorium of the Library.

The participation of Professor Wilson Gomes is part of the research work on Aesthetics, Imagery and Politics undertaken by several researchers within the Labcom. IFP


Wilson Gomes (1963) is a Professor of Theory of Communication at the Federal University of Bahia, researcher and coordinator in the Postgraduate Program in Contemporary Culture and Communication of that University. He has a bachelor’s degree, master and PhD in Philosophy (Universitas a Scte. Thomae, Rome) and he also has a degree in Theology (Universitas Gregoriana, Rome). He graduated in 1988 with a thesis on the idea of construction of reality in German Idealism, in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics. In 1998, he held a post-doctoral stage in Cinema at the University of São Paulo. He has been teaching, researching and supervising in the area of Communication, in the communication and political specialties and digital democracy. He is the author of Politics Transformations in the era of mass communication (S. Paulo: Paulus, 2004 and 2008), Journalism, facts and interests (Florianópolis: Insular, 2009) and co-author, with Rousiley Maia, of Communication & democracy: problems and perspectives (S. Paulo: Paulus, 2008). He is a researcher in Lines of Research of Communication and Politics and Filmic Analysis Methodology. He was President of the Association of Researchers in Political Communication, COMPOLITICS.


Among his late works the following are included: GOMES, W. S. A Política na Timeline: Crônicas de comunicação e política em redes sociais digitais. 1ª. ed. Salvador: EDUFBA, 2014. 329p.; Gomes, Wilson; MAIA, R.C.M. (Org.); MARQUES, F. P. J. (Org.). Internet e participação política no Brasil. 1. ed. Porto Alegre: Sulina, 2011. 294p


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