Deadline: june 30th, 2016

The issue of the environment has never been so present on the agenda of our planet, since the negative consequences of man's action on our habitat is being felt in every corner of the globe.

The World Meteorological Organization, in a report published last november, pointed out 2015 as the hottest ever recorded. The COP 21, just concluded in Paris, mobilized 150 heads of state and government in an attempt to restraint a global warming that seems inevitable. In this process of searching for solutions to a problem that threatens our very survival, the documentary has been an important and effective actor denouncing the threats to our future and showing alternative ways; also documentary is keen in celebrating the benefits of preservation and the wonders of nature to which we belong.

The relationship between human beings and the environment has been scrutinized by the non-fiction film throughout its history. So, for thematic dossier of the 20th edition of DOC On-line we expect contributions that explore documentaries' artistic, social and political potential regarding the environmental issue in all its aspects.

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Thematic Dossier | Articles | Analysis and film review | Readings | Interview | Theses

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Notification of acceptance: august 2016

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