ilustrada - International Meeting on Illustration

ilustrada is a conference on illustration that will have its first edition on February 25, 2016,at University of Beira Interior. The organization of the meeting has the support of LabCom.IFP research unit belonging to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. 

By definition, illustration is an area that calls many others, in a more obvious or subtle way, crossing the different formation areas of the Department of Communication and Arts and reflecting itself somehow in all of them, with natural emphasis on the image areas. Every year, ilustrada will seek to bring to UBI a wide variety of national and international guests who may contribute to reflect on illustration and its relationship with areas such as design, drawing, animation, fashion and science, among others, in the perspective of the academic world of illustrators, their publics, editors and galleries that, increasingly, open their spaces exclusively to the exhibition of this kind of art work. More than anything, this meeting aims to provide a space to reflect around the topic of illustration in its different dimensions, scope and applications, underlining through it the approach and the intersection of diverse artistic subjects and the potential that comes from bridges established between them and a consequent sense of restlessness and effervescence that helps to explain the current dynamism generated around this universe and its multiple related issues. We are interested in the performative, hybrid and heterogeneous potential of these (meta)languages, their permanent regenerative capacity and constant media presence, to try to understand how they condition and/or expand our visual culture and, through it, our regard and way of seeing. We are also motivated by what in it allows us to search (or rediscover) what can remain from a certain physical sense of our relationship with image both as creators and as observers.

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