International Congress on Networked Activism

The Labcom.IFP Scientific Coordinator and Researcher, João Carlos Correia, will participate as a guest speaker on November 5th in the International Congress on Networked Activism (CIAR2015). João Carlos Correia will participate in the Plenary Session “Theories of Networks and Activism”. The program hosted in Portugal under the theme CONSTELLATIONS OF NETWORKED ACTIVISM takes place at the Lusófona University of Porto. (See programme).

The 2nd International Congress of Net-activism takes place simultaneously in Paris, London, Rome and Sao Paulo. It is organized by the Atopos Research Centre, linked to the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP). The ATOPOS is an international research network comprised of researchers from different areas who investigate in several countries the impact of digital technologies in the different areas of current society.  

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