Conference "Television and New Media - Television Audiences in the Era of Media Convergence"

The subject of television will be highlighted again in UBI. The 2nd Conference "Television and New Media" will be held on 16 and 17 November 2015. 

The era of media convergence came to expand the supply of television content in a constant effort to keep the mass audience who claimed television as the mass medium par excellence. The centrality is, now more than ever, in the audiences, because they constitute a precious number for the allocation of the advertising value and, therefore, of the profitability of media companies, but also number of active people who produce content, who express an opinion and who take to themselves the content produced by professionals. This is an era of convergence” between online and off-line content and content produced by professionals and by multiple audiences.

The context of sharing replaces the various television genres,  which are forced to absorb the audience’s activity. This is why we will approach the television context in different perspectives: what means watching television today; new forms of reception of fiction television; the migration of the video clip and its appropriation by the audience; the memory of the viewer and the future of television; and the political commentary and influence of the public. This is a discussion in which scholars from the fields of Communication, Film, Multimedia Design and Comparative Literature will participate, as well as professionals from different areas of television content production.

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