Call For Papers Communication Studies #10

The next issue of “Studies in Communication” (Estudos em Comunicação), will be published in December 2011 by Labcom (Online Communication Lab of the University of Beira Interior, Portugal). The essays may use one the following languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The Editors of “Studies in Communication” are seeking for original, previously unpublished and completed contributions on the general subject of Communication Sciences. We are interested particularly but not strictly in following topics:
  • Digital Media and public sphere;
  • Online Journalism (Including Public, Citizen, Participatory and Collaborative Journalism);
  • Digital Media and democratic deliberation;
  • Political Communication, Social Networks and Digital Media;
  • Electoral Communication, Social Networks and Digital Media;
  • Digital Media and regulation;
  • Rhetoric of Digital Media;
  • Digital Media and Human Rights;
  • Digital Media Literacy;
  • Memory, Identities and Digital Media;
  • Culture and Digital media;
  • Memory, Media History and Reception;
  • Public and Private in Digital Media.

The emphasis on digital media does not mean that Editors will not accept papers on traditional media (TV, Radio, Press). This is not a thematic issue. The list of topics must be understood as a sign of some of our present priorities.

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