Jornadas de Ética

ETHICS – October 30, 2015 – 2 pm – Seminar Room




Guest lecturer:


Nuno Venturinha (UNL/ FCSH)


Moral Epistemology, Interpersonal Indetermination and Enactivism


Abstract. This communication is divided into three parts. In the first one some recent conceptions of Moral Epistemology and its possible freedom of values will be discussed. In the second part a specific case will be investigated, exploring the possible motivations for a stealing action. The idea that there is at first glance a distinction of value between stealing from A or B, that can be applied to the interpreter and not to the agent will be defended, which will need an epistemic explanation. It will be shown that an indefinite number of answers can be given to explain the type of action in question and that this justification plurality poses a serious problem for an epistemological objectivity, a problem of interpersonal indetermination, which is considered a detail. The third part of the communication focuses on the so-called enactivism, while possible response to the problem.


Other communications:


José Manuel Santos (UBI)


Rui Sampaio e Silva (U. Açores)


André Barata (UBI)

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