Karl Mertens - "Who acts if we act?"

Karl Mertens

In what manner the actions of persons involved in a cooperative action are related to one another, and in what manner said cooperative actions become distinct? It is this question which stands at the center of the considerations. Firstly, I wish to provide a phenomenal sketch of we-actions through the help of several examples. The difficulties attached to speaking of an active 'we'? in such cases will be addressed in the second section. In the hope of providing an insight to problematic theoretical approaches to this topic, I shall introduce three conceptions of cooperative actions, which are all equally inappropriate for the understanding of this type of actions. I wish to provide, in the third section, the foundation for an analysis of cooperative actions, which attempts to avoid the weakness of those criticized positions, whilst attempting to combine their strengths.

UBI, Pólo I, Sala do Conselhos



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