Capa: Marcelo Freire (2016) Magazine Journalism to Tablets: An analysis of the iPad app's of the magazines Wired and Katachi. Communication  +  Philosophy  +  Humanities. .
Magazine Journalism to Tablets: An analysis of the iPad app's of the magazines Wired and Katachi

by Marcelo Freire

Collection: LabCom Books
Year of edition: 2016
ISBN: 978-989-654-285-6

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Magazine Journalism to Tablets discusses the migration process of magazines for mobile devices. To this end, it tries to identify the "DNA" of this type of publication, identifying what passes through it to a digital means and the changes caused by being in this new environment. By analyzing a native publication of the tablets’ environment and an adapted one, respectively Katachi and Wired, the comparison allows the author to construct a definition of digital magazines and the proposition of a typology. Set in the transmedia production scenario, the work seeks to update discussions and look over the content and practices of digital communication in the present tense, contextualizing it as a gradual construction and influenced by devices, by the digital environment and by the uses that are made of them.


Preface -  7

Introduction -  11

Chapter I - Paper magazines: processes and features - 15

1.1 Evolution of the printing process and the first initiatives - 16

1.2 Industrial production and the illustrated magazines - 19

1.3 The new North-American paradigm - 22

1.4 The Decade of 1960 and the rise of the specialized - 26

1.5 Characteristics of Print Magazine - 29

Chapter II - Media convergence in magazines - 37

2.1 The magazines on electronic support - 38

2.2. Media convergence and convergence culture - 44

2.3. Journalistic convergence - 56

2.4. Transmedia narrative and convergence of contents - 64


Chapter III - In search of a definition of digital magazines - 75

3.1 A brief history of magazines in digital environment - 76

3.2 Features of web journalism - 79

3.3 After all, what is a digital magazine? - 83


Chapter 4 - An analysis of the adequacy of the magazines Wired and Katachi to the potential of the device and of the digital environment - 95

4.1 Operators to analyze the sample of apps Katachi and Wired to tablet - 96

4.2 Preliminary aspects to the analysis - 99

4.3 Wired - 107

4.4 Katachi - 122

4.5 Wired X Katachi - 135


Conclusion - 139

References - 145

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